The OPTIMA® BlueTop® is in its element on the water

To run their boats, professional fishermen, amateur sailors and other water enthusiasts require an absolutely dependable battery for an extremely wide variety of uses.

For this purpose there’s the OPTIMA® BlueTop™ batteries in different forms as starter and deep cycle batteries – depending on whether you only need to start the boat or operate special on-board power consumers. Like all OPTIMA® batteries, the BlueTop™ is extremely vibration-resistant – an absolute necessity where there’s constant swell. Thanks to its long life and low self-discharge rate, the OPTIMA® BlueTop™ is recommended for seasonal use: once the weather becomes "seaworthy" again after the winter break, the battery is ready to put to sea again.

The fact that it is maintenance-free leaves you free to concentrate on essentials when on board – and it is small, light and flexible enough to be installed in almost any position, saving space.

With twice the service life of conventional batteries and up to ten times higher cycle stability, it provides a consistent level of energy until it is next recharged.