Powerful and reliable

Safe energy sources for any type of car – those are OPTIMA® batteries. Ready for use at any time, be it to start the vehicle or to support the various electronic consumers. Are we looking at a cold start on a sub-zero morning or after a long period of non-use? Whatever, it isn’t a problem for the ultimate starter battery, the OPTIMA® RedTop™.

Are there 1001 driving and leisure applications to take care of, such as powerful and sophisticated car audio systems? The OPTIMA® YellowTop™ will always live up to its reputation as a leading deep cycle battery – and will do so like the RedTop™: delivering the same constantly high supply of energy even in a low state of charge.

In addition, both batteries can be rapidly recharged and are maintenance-free: simply install and forget about them! Every OPTIMA® battery can be stored for long periods and is a reliable solution for campers and caravans on the open road. Commercial vehicles profit from their great robustness, because they offer 15 times the vibration resistance of other batteries.

All in all, OPTIMA® batteries provide maximum safety and reliability for all automotive applications.