Taking to the Baltic Sea with OPTIMA

A crew of young people have decided to showcase the efficiency of renewable energy by circumnavigating the Baltic Sea in spectacular fashion. And OPTIMA batteries by Johnson Controls were the first choice for our environment and technology-loving adventurers.

Five months of sailing around the Baltic Sea: from Greifswald, across the Baltic states to the northernmost point of the inland sea – and back to Kiel. That’s what captain Insa Preiss’s six-man crew hopes to achieve. What makes this sailing vessel, the Maike, so unique is that it now runs on renewable energy alone. An electric auxiliary engine has replaced the original diesel one. Power for the engine and on-board appliances is supplied by a wind turbine, solar cells and a hydroelectric generator, which runs whilst the Maike is sailing just on the wind. The fuel cell, itself made from biodegradable waste, represents yet another source of power. The team has come to the conclusion that the best way to store energy in an environmentally friendly way is by using Optima’s OPTIMA® BlueTop® DC 5.5 battery.

The crew posted the following message on their website:
"The unique SpiralCell technology provided by OPTIMA batteries means that they can withstand any challenge faced by our electric engine, including high currents and deep discharge when in use. In eight batteries we can store 7,200 Wh of energy, 75% of which actually gets used. That’s because after 300 cycles the batteries still retain 70% of their nominal capacity!"

The Maike and its crew will be setting sail in spring 2011. The slogan of their voyage is “Baltic sea. Pure energy.” When they take their shore leave the six seafarers will stop off to speak with the people behind similar pioneering projects. Thanks to their online log, everyone can get a slice of the action. We wish our adventurers bon voyage!